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Will Your Next EDO Performance Assessment Include Compelling Data?

Doing a proper performance assessment for an economic development officer can be tricky. Economic development is a job with often intangible benefits to the community. For example, attending Chamber meetings may not have any immediate benefits or impact on a community or region. But anyone who has been to such meetings knows that the real importance is in the networking opportunities that they bring to EDOs and in the engagement EDOs get to have with community members. How does an EDO quantify the value of networking, impressions, and engagement on a community to Council? 

But with accurate, localized economic development data that an economic development officer can access fast, EDOs can show the impact of their work in the community to Council easily.

The Best Proof of an EDO’s Success for Performance Assessments

MDBI Extra 6-2

With Triage BR+E™ EDOs can receive reports with pinpoint accuracy about the health of businesses in their communities. With these reports they can easily see the trends in an individual community’s economy, as well as an indication of what they are doing to strengthen the positives and counter the negatives. Triage BR+E gives EDOs detailed analytics on a swathe of metrics, allowing them to determine which businesses are in the most dire situations right now or facing the greatest opportunities for growth (similar to how doctors triage patients in an emergency room). The BR+E tools allows them to focus their resources effectively. It provides immediate data to help economic development professionals do their job faster, and it provides proof that EDOs are doing their jobs well.

Get Your Community What It Needs

EDOs can download this e-book for more free information to help serve the businesses in their communities and promote economic growth in their regions.

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