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Use the Off Season to Improve Cultural Development Infrastructure

The off-season, a travel term denoting the time period in between peak and off-peak seasons, is the perfect time for EDOs to assess what cultural development work needs to be done in their region before the next peak season.

In particular, these 3 categories of businesses in your community may need some cultural development attention:
  1. Businesses that are struggling. These are the businesses that barely stay afloat during peak season and struggle to survive once the crowd of tourists has gone.

  2. Businesses that are flourishing. These businesses may need more resources — including labour — during the busy season and may be stretched thin.

  3. Businesses that may face additional challenges. Some of these businesses may even belong to groups (1) or (2) above. Their challenges may arise in either the short or long term and may be related to other regional, national or international trends and developments in that sector, such as technological changes, changes in legislation, etc.

So, what can you do to optimize your economic development strategies during the off-season in order to support the tourism sector in your community year round?

Use a reliable, quality-assured BR&E program to gain insight into what kind of support businesses in your community need in order to remain competitive.


Real-Time Data Improves Cultural Development Strategies

A real-time, quality-assured BR&E program, such as MDB Insight’s Triage BR+ETM, would assess the condition of your community’s businesses and prescribe appropriate business solutions based on the collected data.

Real-time data from a quality-assured BR&E program means that you can plan for challenges even before they arrive in order to keep your community competitive all year round. And, unlike traditional BR&E, real-time BR&E gives you the data you need when you need it, so it is always relevant and current data, never outdated.

Traditional BR&E programs are also costly and time-consuming to implement. But an affordable program such as Triage BR+E™ frees up your resources and your staff, so you can get on with your planning and help your business community get ready for the next peak season.

To learn more about the challenges that face communities like yours, and what you can do to help, download this e-book.

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