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Understand Public Opinion on Your Snow Removal Services

According to CBC, this winter Toronto undertook its largest snow removal operation since 2010. In January and February of 2019 alone, the city was buried in 107 cm of snow, 2 cm higher than the yearly average.

Toronto isn’t the only city that found itself digging out of the snow in a substantial way this past season. Cities across Ontario received record breaking snowfall this winter. Ottawa felt the brunt of 97 cm of snow in January, breaking the previous record set in 1999. Needless to say, snow removal has been a challenge across many municipalities.

Snow Removal Services Keep the Community Moving

With record snowfalls and multiple frost-and-thaw cycles in 2019, sidewalks remained covered in ice and snow for longer periods and residents were probably vocal about the state of the roads and walkways as a result.

Snow removal services don’t just make it easier for drivers and commuters to get around on major thoroughfares. Emergency vehicles require fast and effective snow removal to get to those in need as quickly as possible. Public transport can continue to better serve the community with snow removal. Anyone with mobility issues needs sidewalks cleared to travel safely to work, school, the grocery store, or appointments. The 2019 winter snowfall made transportation difficult for everyone and impeded the walkability of Ontario communities.


Determine Public Opinion Before Next Winter

There may be enough buzz from local residents to begin investigating whether snow removal services need to be upgraded for next winter. With climatologists pointing to climate change as a factor in increasingly harsh weather conditions, the need to prepare for another winter blast is a distinct possibility.

Citizen Satisfaction IQTM uses a derived importance approach to determine public opinion on municipal services. Even though residents may be vocal about dissatisfaction with existing snow removal, Citizen Satisfaction IQTM determines if snow removal is actually as important to residents as other service priorities or if snow removal rumblings are a case of (justifiable) winter blues.

Once you have determined residents’ priorities, you can use the Tax Sensitivity CalculatorTM to ask residents what snow removal services they’d be willing to pay for. The interactive survey shows residents the effect of changes to snow removal services on their levied yearly taxes. The survey may temper the enthusiasm for increased spending on snow removal. But the survey will also inform decision makers with real-time, representative data, allowing municipal budget decisions to be made with full knowledge.

Tools to Inform Council Budget Decisions

The Citizen Satisfaction IQTM tool combined with the Tax Sensitivity CalculatorTM provide you with accurate data to inform council decisions while ensuring residents feel heard.

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