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Two Ways to Make the Job of an Economic Development Officer Easier

Two Ways to Make the Job of an Economic Development Officer Easier

You know best how busy an economic development officer can be. When there is only one or maybe two EDOs responsible for the economic growth of an entire region, things can feel chaotic. Using often thinly-spread resources, you are accountable to the municipality, its residents, and their businesses. As you try to attract and retain investors, you must also finish those day-to-day tasks.

Here are two things you can do to make the job of an EDO easier.

Use Triage BR+E™ to Make Retention So Much Easier

Business attraction is easiest when the businesses that already exist in your community are successful. MDB Insight has developed a tool to help economic development officers get real-time data on struggling businesses in their communities. Leases set to expire, for example, are flagged as they happen so you’ll never be caught off guard by a business closing shop. Knowing quickly about the challenges facing local businesses, you’ll be able to make a plan to help them. It will enable you to be more proactive, and make your work life much easier. 

Economic Development Officers Can Use Inbound Marketing

Economic Development Officers Can Use Inbound MarketingAttracting site selectors, businesses, and investors can take considerable time. But you can cut down on that time if you have an effective method of reaching interested parties. Inbound marketing (IM) is gaining traction as an effective and efficient tool some EDOs may not yet be familiar with. IM uses content creation to produce organic online leads by targeting specific audiences who are more receptive to your message. An inbound approach can save you - and potential investors - time by creating content that only focuses on the type of investor who is looking for attributes in your region. 

Blog posts and social media marketing attract viewers to your web site and keep them there longer, creating interest and developing a relationship. Your content guides them along the “buyer’s journey” taking them from mild interest to active investment in your region.  

MDB Insight often includes IM as one of the tools worth considering by our clients when we develop an action plan to accompany an economic development strategy. Implemented well, either on your own or with the support of an agency, it can free up time for EDOs to pursue other priorities and can help to support investor relations.

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