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Tourism Development and Market Research on Quinte West RTO9

Tourism is one of the most important economic drivers in our country -- and highly impacted sectors due to pandemic travel restrictions, labour shortages, and other challenges. Tourism supports our local businesses, economies, and communities, so its state is a crucial regional development indicator.

Recently, the City of Quinte West needed to create a Tourism Development Strategy to provide a clear vision for its municipality, located on the Bay of Quinte and next to Prince Edward County.

Located in the RT09 Southeast Ontario tourism district of Ontario Tourism, the region sought to improve the delivery of tourism services, identify the core tourism areas for development, and guide tourism activities and investment for sustainability.  

The municipality wanted a tourism development strategy that:

  • Achieved the broad goals identified for tourism in the City’s Strategic Plan
  • Balanced potential tourism products with supportive infrastructure
  • Responded to the shifting climate and trends, in particular resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Guided decisions regarding tourism growth and investment over the next five years
  • Helped maximize the City’s Municipal Accommodation Tax funding
  • Addressed the critical factors of regeneration, revitalization, and sustainability

MDB Insight’s expert market research and analysis team conducted intensive stakeholder engagement activities, including:

  • Three community visits
  • 12 interviews of key industry informants
  • 25 attendees at two industry workshops
  • 488 responses to resident/business survey
  • 250+ tourism and municipal assets analyzed
  • 25+ background documents reviewed
  • Tourism service delivery analysis, sector trends analysis, and economic impact analysis

Extensive research and analysis supported recommendations that detailed:

  • foundational elements for future tourism development strategy
  • three strategic priorities for tourism with action steps, rationales, tactics, examples, and overall approach

Recommendations focused on:

  • Visitor and tourist spending data and trends
  • Regional and domestic travel patterns and where most tourists originate
  • Destination Marketing Organization’s (DMO) focus on programs, products, and policies
  • Analysis of regional funding and partnership opportunities
  • Visitor perceptions of regional tourism destinations including the most popular attractions, experiences and accommodations

City Council approved the Tourism Development Strategy, expressing optimism toward further developing the tourism industry in Quinte West.

Do you need help with your tourism destination vision and strategy? We have the sector expertise and hands-on tourism experience, backed by unparalleled market research and analytics.

Learn more about how MDB Insight can guide you on investment and innovation in tourism development. Contact Clark Hoskin, Tourism Development Consultant.

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