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The Workforce Development Tool to Keep Your Community Competitive

You already know that the long-term survival of your community depends on it remaining competitive and attractive to workers, investors, and visitors.

This is why workforce development initiatives are crucial, especially in the context of the rapid technological change that is now a feature of contemporary business.

While you may aim to attract new business, you will need to find a way to match potential employer needs with existing workforce skills.

Real-time data can ease the effects of a constantly evolving business landscape and, by extension, mitigate the implications for the communities with which they are connected. But how do you know in advance — with any degree of certainty — the skills, new or evolving, that businesses will need?

The answer lies in scientific, accurate, real-time data collection with predictive value that takes the guesswork out of strategic planning.

Today’s Workforce Development Needs Real-Time Data


Economic developers need access to data on the skills that businesses most need and on the job opportunities that are available — or that may soon become available — as well as data on what worker skills are already accessible in the region.

With real-time updates on what skilled labour is available at any given time, as well as what jobs are available and what skills they require, labour demand and supply reports will help make adjusting to an ever-changing business landscape easier.

Look for a labour reporting system that is accurate and which provides real-time updates in order to more realistically and accurately align your economic development strategies with the present and future needs of employers and the available workforce in your region.

Real-time labour demand and supply reports, such as MDB Insight and Vicinity Jobs’ Regional Labour Demand and Labour Supply ReportsTM, do just that by providing insight that will allow you to make informed projections and to adjust your planning based on reliable data.

Insightful and strategic planning that keeps abreast of a rapidly changing business landscape will not only help your community survive the ebb and flow of economic fluctuations but will also help to attract new talent and businesses to your community. It will also allow existing businesses opportunities to maximize growth so that you can be proactive instead of reactive in your workforce development initiatives.

For more information on contemporary workforce trends in Canada, download this infographic.

Trends in Workforce Development Infographic CTA  

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