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The Countdown to EDAC 2019 Is On

The Economic Developers Association of Canada (EDAC) is a not-for-profit association dedicated to supporting professional Canadian economic developers (federal, provincial, municipal, and private). 

The association also aids in professional development and helps economic developers prepare to achieve Ec.D. accreditation.

The EDAC 2019 conference will be held in Edmonton, Alberta, at the new JW Marriott. We’re big supporters of this conference and love contributing our thought leadership and connecting with our colleagues and clients in person in this learning environment.

What Went Down at EDAC 2018

Last year, MDB Insight EVPs Paul Blais, Trudy Parsons, and Chris Bandak gave a presentation called “Small Town Economic Development”. Joined by some of our clients, their presentation discussed the experience of helping small town staff improve their development programs no matter the size of the community or development budget.

The team showed off the capabilities of MDB Insight’s platforms and solutions, demonstrating the accuracy of derived importance, citizen satisfaction data analysis, and more. They also demonstrated how these platforms can be used on a tight budget, to great effect, to change how one sees and understands the economic landscape of a community. The presentation was aimed towards economic developers, senior municipal officials, and elected officials alike.

Reasons to Go to EDAC 2019


We will be making another appearance at EDAC 2019, so folks interested in last year’s presentation can gain access to new insights this time around, and people who weren’t able to make last year’s presentation will get to engage in discussions. We’ll be talking about the ways our platforms reveal and explain the details of a community’s economic growth - without the community needing to be part of a large metropolis, and without breaking the community’s budget.

(Did we mention on the Saturday there would be golf and hors d’oeuvres?)

The EDAC conference is a great way to network with professionals in the industry and discuss upcoming challenges for the Canadian economy. It’s a good chance to share ideas with like-minded individuals and discuss strategy with serious professionals. That can help you to get your community on the radar as a centre for creative and innovative economic development solutions.

Don’t feel shy to come up to us and have a chat. We’d love to meet you and discuss our shared interests! Keep track of our presence at the conference by following us on Twitter. Last but not least, if you can’t make it to EDAC 2019 but would still like the opportunity to speak with us at a conference, we are big supporters of conferences like EDAC 2019 and will likely be headed to another economic development conference near you. So stay in touch!

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