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Support for Your Community: COVID-19 Economic Recovery Solutions

Disaster response and the ensuing economic recovery are extremely challenging for municipalities. It’s even more difficult when the entire world has been put on pause, as with the current COVID-19 pandemic. With new information released daily it can be really hard to know which decision is the best to protect your community. 

The stress of planning for challenges like COVID-19 recovery can be mitigated with support for detailed disaster response planning. We’re all in this together, and supporting each other in whatever capacity we can is essential. We can offer a listening ear, expert advice, or support for your municipal team. The MDB Insight team has an ear to the ground and is ready to help.


Planning Your Community’s Economic Recovery

There's no end in sight for COVID-19’s impact on our communities. The time has never been more important to  think about economic development. The Institute for Business and Home Safety estimates that one in four businesses globally will permanently close as a result of a disaster. That’s a big hit to the economy, locally, nationally, and globally. Having a clear understanding of how your community has been affected by this disaster is essential in order to make decisions for long-term recovery. 


Immediate Disaster Response Action Plans

Your immediate response to a disaster, and to COVID-19 in particular, is to take steps to protect the health and safety of residents and businesses. Once you’ve put initial plans in place to protect your citizens, it's important to start assessing the impact of the disaster on your economy. Some of these impacts won’t become clear until after the immediate danger has passed, yet you can start tracking a few things. The IEDC has  a Community Toolkit for Economic Recovery and Resiliency. The toolkit recommends specific things that should be assessed, and includes an abundance of helpful information for municipal disaster response planning. 

If you don’t yet have a response plan, or if your existing plan does not address the challenges of COVID-19, the MDB Insight team can help you make informed decisions and get your community on track both in the short-term and for the longer road ahead.


Shifting Your BR+E Strategy Fast

If you already have a BR+E strategy in place, it's probably going to need some significant adjustments to address the immediate needs and challenges of your business owners. 

Now more than ever, it is critical that you’re able to focus your efforts on the businesses needing an immediate response. The Triage BR+ETM platform uses scientific random sampling to provide you with a clear list of priorities on which to focus your attention. Furthermore, our new Triage BR+ETM Index provides your community with a common measure to assess your community against local, regional, and national metrics.  

Assessing the impact of a disaster on your economy is going to be a challenging task, but it is essential to provide your citizens and businesses with the support necessary to make it through the disaster.


Workforce Strategy Adjustments

Your local workforce has likely seen pretty drastic changes recently. covid-19Many businesses have closed partially or completely, some have shifted to completely work-from-home operations, and others have closed temporarily. Many workers across the country have been laid off, many temporarily, but some permanently as well. Certain types of work, like healthcare, delivery services, courier services, and manufacturing have seen big increases in demand, and big shifts in the way they operate. 

Chances are there are gaps between the local job demand and the talent available in your community. The chances are also high of a disconnect between the available workforce and the demand for workers. If you’re not sure how to identify gaps, make the connections, or source talent for the industries demanding it, our team can support you. We can help you shift your workforce development strategy to address the current challenges you’re facing, and start planning for what challenges you may face in a post-pandemic environment.


Connecting With Your Citizens

One thing that has become clear during this pandemic experience is that people’s personal priorities are shifting. Disasters tend to have a significant impact on our social structures, as well as on our economic structures. So, just as it’s vital to connect with business owners, it's important to connect with your citizens throughout the pandemic - especially as we enter a post-COVID economic recovery period. If personal priorities have shifted in a high number of your community members, there’s a good chance their community values and priorities may have changed as well.

Talking with citizens face to face is not really an option right now. But there are many ways you can stay informed about what matters to your community members. COVID-19 is having a significant emotional impact on everyone, and it's important to consider that when collecting information from residents. We can help you design surveys that don’t cause further distress to residents, and that deliver solid data to help you make economic recovery decisions for your community, right now, and as we enter a post-COVID world.


We’re Ready When You Are

The MDB Insight team is available to support your team through this challenging time. We have added relevant resources to our website and our team is actively monitoring and assessing the latest developments, research and metrics of importance to our municipal clientele. We remain committed to our role as thought leaders and community builders and we sincerely want to be of service. If you think we can help, please connect with us.

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