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BR+E is an important part of a thriving municipality. The process allows businesses and business owners to grow and thrive in their community, building long-term connections and prosperity. 

But, developing a BR+E strategy to support economic growth can be a complex process. Acquiring and sorting through all the data can be extremely time-consuming.

There’s a fine balance between research and action.

MDB Insight can make this process easier by collecting the current data and compiling a report that identifies critical areas of opportunity to ensure the economic growth of your community.

Our Triage BR+E™ tool can deliver current data about your local businesses, and help you to develop a strategy to make it desirable for local businesses to not only stay in your community but expand within your community. Business expansion adds jobs, attracts new residents, and strengthens your economy.

Some of the economic development benefits in your area will be a boost to the local economy, thriving local businesses, and the retention of new business developments. A commitment to supporting local businesses and improving the economic climate supports sustainable economic growth.

We Crunch the Numbers So You Don't Have To

image10MDB Insight’s Triage BR+E™ process identifies existing issues and challenges for a region; the process also identifies areas of opportunity, big ideas, and key questions. Collecting all the data to inform your strategic planning, from statistics to stakeholder input to public engagement, can be a lengthy and complex process. StatsCan data is extremely high quality and very accurate, but because there is so much data, it takes a significant amount of time to be released, meaning the information can be outdated by the time it’s available. Getting current statistics can be nearly impossible, not to mention the resources needed to undertake the data collection. If you’ve never participated in the development of a strategic BR+E plan before it can be tough to know where to start. 

The Benefits of Economic Development

The economic development benefits are clear: more businesses + more residents = stronger economy and community. The best way to achieve these outcomes is with a strategic BR+E plan.

With results reported in just 10 short weeks, MDB Insight can use our Triage BR+E™ platform to collect current data about your existing business base. We will identify which businesses would most benefit from immediate contact from you and what issues or struggles they are facing. Using techniques that the private sector has used for years, our team will identify the businesses in your community that need the most attention, develop a statistically valid list of priorities, improve business owner satisfaction, and help you react to business needs faster than any other BR+E process. 

A report from MDB Insight will cover everything you need for a strategic BR+E plan. You’ll come away with: 

  1. A structured guide for economic development to retain existing businesses and support opportunities for expansion.
  2. A defined list of current challenges you can work on to improve business retention. 
  3. A list of opportunities that you can capitalize on.
  4. Key questions to guide your development process.
  5. Big ideas for unique projects to make your community even more appealing for new business and residents.

While MDB Insight’s team does all of this data collection and report preparation, you can be doing what you do best: connecting with your community and providing support where it's most critically needed. With the final report, you’ll be able to tailor your support and outreach even more, providing efficient, responsive and valuable support to the businesses that need it most.

Support Local Business Owners and Attract New Ones Today
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