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Preparing for Labour Market Demand and Supply in 2025

Trudy Parsons, EVP and MDB Insight's expert on Regional Labour Demand and Supply Reporting Systems, has reviewed the research so you don't have to.

In this article, "The Changing World of Work" on ContactPoint (a CERIC Career Developer Network website) Trudy hypothesizes on what the workforce will be like in the year 2025. Trudy speculates that while automation will drastically change the way we live and work now, it will not necessarily be for the worse. 

Automation will, in theory, make workplaces safer for us to work in and handle repetitive non-creative tasks. This should free up time for humans to focus on creative problem solving, innovation, and communication. Ideally, shifting our human focuses away from repetitive tasks and freeing up our time should allow us to drive innovation even faster and more efficiently. 

An increase in automation will definitely change the jobs that are available for the workforce. In the future, valuable workforce skills will focus more on soft skills, flexibility, willingness to learn, and creative problem solving. The ability to learn and embrace new technologies will also be critical for jobseekers. Helping the workforce shift towards and adapt to new ways of working is going to be critical for economic success and growth. 

She gives colleges and economic developers the summarized theory you can rely on, in preparing and advocating for future labour market demand and supply, in light of findings in the World Economic Forum's "Future of Jobs Report" and other critical Canadian publications. Preparing the workforce for the future is a challenging task for educational institutions, workforce developers, and economic developers. 

You can read the full article here. Or take a look at How to Build a Workforce Development Strategy for your Community and How to Influence Your Community's Labour Market.

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