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Preparing Canada’s Post-Pandemic Workforce

Preparing Canada’s Post-Pandemic Workforce

The COVID-19 pandemic has demanded the acute attention of communities and individual Canadians for many weeks now. Following the roll-out of urgent health and safety protocols, many turned their thoughts to questions about recovery efforts and, most recently, to the “re-opening” of Canada’s economy. Our national workforce and the impact of the pandemic on employment in this country will be a vital part of this equation.

Live National Online Forum – Rising Stronger: Preparing Canada’s Post-Pandemic Workforce, May 13th 2-3 PM ET– See below for link to free registration.

On Wednesday, May 13th Workforce Central Canada will convene a live national forum to explore the workforce implications of COVID-19 and to support the many workforce development professionals whose attention is focused on the crucial priorities and strategies that will be needed in the weeks ahead. The forum features a panel of thought leaders and workforce strategists who will share their insights about:

  • How history can inform our planning and decision-making
  • The priorities around which workforce and economic development efforts should be mobilizing
  • How we can best coordinate our efforts for fast and efficient recovery
  • The long-term impact(s) of the pandemic on knowledge and skills in our national workforce

MDB Insight is a founding partner of Workforce Central Canada, a collaborative effort with HIEC and the National Association of Workforce Boards. Our Executive Vice-President, Trudy Parsons, will be among the panelists for the May 13th forum. As head of MDB Insight’s national Workforce Development Division, Trudy offers an astute understanding of labour market issues and workforce strategies gained over more than three decades in this specialized field. She and the rest of our team have been closely monitoring the latest developments on this issue and assessing the implications for workforce and economic development and recovery efforts.

The time is right for this important national conversation. Workforce Central Canada is leading a thoughtful approach to strengthen Canada’s post-pandemic workforce and to support the workforce and economic development community’s efforts to guide our long-term recovery overall. This starts with asking the right questions, and will be aided by collaborative initiatives aimed at clear strategic priorities. MDB Insight is pleased to be a partner in this undertaking and to offer our full support for Workforce Central Canada’s mandate.

Registration for the May 13th Workforce Central Canada live national forum is free – click here.

Event Flyer: Preparing Canada’s Post-Pandemic Workforce

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