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Optimize Your Foreign and Regional Investment Attraction Strategy

Investment attraction is viewed as one of the most important activities related to economic development in your community. After all, no community can develop and progress without investment. Strategic identification of the best potential investors and a strategy to grab their attention are key priorities of any economic development effort.

Marketing a Community to Investors

Of course, wanting to attract investment and actually doing it well are two very different things. The best attraction strategy seeks to get the attention of investors through direct and indirect ways. An effective method is to market to investors through inbound marketing techniques, which helps the investor — who is already curious about your community — know who you are and encourage them to come looking for you.

Creating a Community Brand Investors Love

Creating a brand for your community is also helpful. If you can develop a consistent theme about your area that aligns with what an investor is looking for, it will make your community more attractive in the eyes of investors. Consistent brand development can help your community because, like any good brand identity, it helps promote your community to the right investors.

Provide Accurate, Timely Data to Better Sell to Investors

Investors are seeking advantages that your region can offer to them that other regions can’t. It’s imperative to make these advantages stand out, and be able to back up these advantages with data. A marketable asset that isn’t backed by evidence will quickly fall apart and, at worst, might look like a conscious effort to mislead investors. This is not something that you would want.


Communicate Your Community’s Strengths Through an Investment Attraction Strategy

Investors, whether foreign or regional, want to know what your community represents, and they want to know quickly. It may be helpful to use a BR+E consultancy tool to discover what is unique about the businesses and industries that already exist in your community. This information can be invaluable for seeing what stands out in your community.

Getting help from economic development consultants is a good bet, as they are skilled in data collection, analysis and then turning that into a story that showcases your community’s assets. Not only can the right BR+E data show you what is working about your community, it can also show you what isn’t. The economic development problems your community faces can be turned into economic development solutions, if you figure out how to solve these problems for investors.

The right investor knows that each location has its challenges, so if you foresee problems and tackle them beforehand, or at least devise a strategy for dealing with the problem, investors will be grateful. In times of super connectivity and high speed internet, location isn’t quite as important as it used to be. Top of mind for investors is the quality of labour, and quality of life for their future employees. With the right BR+E report, you would be able to validate the potential for your community that may not have been visible before.

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