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Meet Tehseen Rana MDB Insight

Meet Tehseen Rana

This week our #WednesdayswithMDBInsight post introduces Tehseen Rana, Research Analyst, one of our newest team members.

When did you join the MDB Insight team? And what surprised you the most about your first month with the firm?

I joined MDB Insight in November of 2019. What surprised me most during my first month was the variety of impactful projects the firm was involved with in small and large communities across the country. 

What’s the coolest task you’ve worked on in the last few months as a Research Analyst?

The coolest task I’ve worked on so far is investigating sector strengths. It’s been fascinating to see what makes a local economy tick and to uncover the challenges and opportunities within a community. 

What are you reading right now that you would recommend?

I am currently reading The Fourth Industrial Revolution, by Klaus Schwab. It’s an interesting read that dives into the dramatic changes that are coming about from new technologies such as mobile supercomputing, Intelligent robots, self-driving cars etc. The author is convinced that we are at the beginning of a revolution that is fundamentally changing the way we live, work and relate to one another in our communities. 

If you could work on a project in any community in Canada, which one would it be and why?

Not only does Nanaimo, BC look amazing, but I learned about the city’s growing tech sector while working on a Vancouver Island project and I would be very interested in learning more about the innovation taking place in that region. 

Are there any particular trends you’re watching or developments in the field that you’re following closely?

With today’s shifting demographic trends, technological advances and an aging population, trends related to the supply and demand of skilled labour are among the things I am watching closely. 

What do you think are the key issues facing economic development as a profession over the next few years?

Economic development is always changing, and it is important for economic development professionals to keep up to date with trends affecting communities now and in the future. It’s also important to consider not only local developments but also surrounding regions and international players competing in local markets. This has implications on areas such as supply chain development and competition for business attraction and skilled labour. 

Describe what the role of a Research Analyst looks like ten years from now – what’s different?

Forward thinking and adaptability will be important as the next 10 years brings changes to how we interact with data. Advances in technology make processes faster and help to provide more accurate forecasting. This will be important to take advantage of as global trends continue to make an impact on local communities and considerations such as climate change bring a new dynamic to economic development across the country. 

Tehseen 2019To learn more about Tehseen and the other members of our team, go to 

Our Wednesdays with MDB Insight posts (#WednesdayswithMDBInsight) feature the thinkers and doers on our team sharing ideas and talking about what’s important to us as professionals. We have very diverse backgrounds and a range of interests to share with you. We hope you’re enjoying these posts and that you will join the conversation with us and let us know what’s on your mind mid-week.


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