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Will MDB Insight Be Seeing You at OEMC 2019?

We’re heading to the Ontario East Municipal Conference (OEMC) in Cornwall on September 12, 2019. We’re looking forward to connecting with you, learning as much as possible, and sharing information!

What Is OEMC?

The OEMC is the largest annual regional municipal conference east of Toronto. The Ontario East Economic Development Commission hosts this annual conference. Their goal is to facilitate the sharing of municipal knowledge, best practices, and ideas and opportunities for economic development success within eastern Ontario.

This year OEMC will be at the NAV CENTRE in Cornwall, Ontario, from Wednesday, September 11 to Friday September 13, 2019.

Who Should Attend OEMC?


500+ delegates, including elected officials, economic development professionals, entrepreneurs, municipal service providers, private sector business leaders, and provincial ministry representatives gather together every year to share knowledge and build connections with each other.

Like OEMC, our diverse group of professionals has experience across many sectors that are relevant to municipal governments, municipal service providers, and private sector businesses. Our expertise encompasses economic development, municipal services, workforce development, market research, and more.

We’ll be at OEMC 2019 on Thursday, September 12 to offer support to attending municipalities, and to learn as much as we can. There are a wide variety of sessions on the schedule this year and we’re looking forward to learning about what others in the industry have to say.

Will You Be at OEMC?

Join MDB Insight at OEMC to learn more about how we can all ensure economic growth in our communities. Follow us on Twitter for a front row seat to our thought leadership, and to find out where we are.

Our Executive VP Paul Blais will be at OEMC on September 12, 2019. Catch up with him and ask him about our Triage BR+ETM tool that can deliver - in just 10 weeks from the start of the project - a list of businesses that most need your attention.

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