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Lehigh Valley is Winning the Battle Against Changing Workforce Trends

In early 2018, the Lehigh Valley Economic Development Corporation (LVEDC) had a problem. 

They needed to conduct talent supply studies, hoping to discover new ways to nurture, recruit, and retain talent in this Pennsylvania region. They had already identified a gap that existed between the regional workforce and the skills employers were looking for (an issue for many communities in North America).

Lehigh Valley wanted to deal with this issue proactively, to get ahead of the problem before the problem got ahead of them. Their next move was to commission MDB Insight to gather data about the skills gap and see if the results of the study would allow them to find a solution to better match employers with capable employees.

LVEDC’s CEO Don Cunningham had this in mind when it came to studying the region’s lingering skills gap:

“The regions with a workforce with the right skills and necessary experiences are the regions that will win the battle for new jobs and business growth.”

A sentiment that certainly rings true for anyone involved in economic development.

So MDB Insight began to do what MDB Insight does best: collect local workforce data - quickly and accurately. The MDB Insight team began their regional study, conducting interviews, focus groups, and surveys. They heard a lot of opinions and met with Lehigh Valley residents from all walks of life. The team gathered the data from seven main targeted industries: manufacturing; high-value business services; life science research and manufacturing; transportation; warehousing; logistics and wholesale; and healthcare.

Lehigh Valley’s New Solution, Backed by MDB Insight’s Data


MDB Insight emerged with specialized Lehigh Valley workforce data. From Lehigh Valley:

“The report provided key findings in the area of hiring, labor availability, employability skills, talent strategies, education, and opportunities. It also provided three dozen recommendations as part of its strategic action plan to guide talent supply communication and implementation strategies for the Lehigh Valley over the next five years.”

The result of MDB Insight’s intensive study of the seven targeted industries in Lehigh Valley’s economy was the development of a strategic action plan to guide future initiatives to improve the quality of Lehigh Valley’s workforce talent.

Some key findings of the study were that educators in the area were unaware of many of the opportunities in Lehigh Valley and were not passing on knowledge about these opportunities to students making their way through the public school system. Findings like these are often hard to spot without study, but once a problem like this is identified, it is relatively easy to rectify. Local industries can work with educators to inform them of the career openings available to recent graduates.

Sometimes problems like lack of knowledge about opportunities can be lingering beneath the surface, but MDB Insight can uncover those problems for you and make them easily solvable.

Want to Identify the Top Three Workforce Trends in Your Area?

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