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Is Traffic Safety a Priority for Your Residents?

Resident safety is a top priority for many people. Feeling safe in the community and having the confidence that children and family members will also be safe is important. Traffic safety is clearly a hot button issue, but the solutions can be expensive.

Traffic Safety Solutions Are a Large Investment

One solution to improving traffic safety is to increase police presence and issuing tickets to drivers who run red lights. According to The Kingston Whig Standard article Red Light Cameras for Worst-of-the-Worst, reducing  these red light incidents decreases the number of fatalities and injuries on the roads. 

The benefits of red light cameras are numerous when it comes to traffic safety:

  • Police are freed up for other duties
  • Number of red light runs decreases by half
  • Number of right-angle collisions decreases by 25%

The cost of implementation, however, was reported in the Whig Standard article as a minimum of $530,000 for red light cameras at 10 intersections.

How Do You Know If Traffic Safety Is a Resident Priority?

Some residents indicate clearly what they would like to see changed in their community:

  • image11-1Some place signs on their front lawn
  • Others send passionate letters to Council or local media
  • A select few show up to Council meetings to voice their opinions

But how do you know if these residents represent overall public opinion? Before considering an expensive traffic safety solution, there’s a two-step process you can undertake: 

1. Pinpoint Citizens’ Priorities

First and foremost, determine whether the squeaky wheel residents represent the entire population. Citizen Satisfaction IQTM is scientifically designed to survey an accurate and representative cross-section of your community. The affordable platform delivers to you a list of citizens’ priorities that you can use to inform your decision on initiatives such as red light cameras.

2. Determine What Citizens Are Willing To Pay For

If it turns out that the red light cameras are a priority for your residents, you can determine whether they are willing to pay for that service through their taxes. The Tax Sensitivity CalculatorTM allows residents to see how their taxes would change when the red light cameras are installed. The platform delivers results to you on what an accurate sample of your community is willing to pay for proposed service improvements

Stop Guessing Which Service Improvements Your Citizens Want

Take the pressure off you and your team. Use real-time data to inform which service improvements your citizens want to see and, more importantly, are willing to foot the tax bill for. 

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