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Insight: Canada’s Economic Development Podcast

Our #WednesdayswithMDBInsight post this week announces the release of Episode 5 in our podcast series celebrating economic development in Canada.

Today we released the fifth installment of Insight: Canada’s Economic Development Podcast featuring host Natasha Gaudio Harrison talking with economic developers about downtown revitalization.

A global pandemic impacts everything we do as economic developers – but it could be argued that downtowns have been impacted the most. This episode features conversations about the purpose and practice of downtown revitalization from both sides of COVID-19, featuring interviews with professionals from both before and after the onset of the pandemic. 

From major development projects to tactical urbanism, downtown revitalization seeks to improve the vitality and vibrancy of the central business district of a given city, town or region with the goal of supporting, sustaining and accentuating its unique character and culture. In practice, approaches vary as different communities come up with different solutions. But COVID-19 is a challenge that has affected all downtowns. When downtowns are empty and businesses are forced to close, what is the impact? And now that businesses are reopening, what has changed? We ask these questions, discuss the value of downtowns, and learn about some of the initiatives designed to help main street businesses adapt to a post-pandemic world.

Our guests for Episode 5 are Andrew Malcolm, Urban Revitalization Manager at the City of Lethbridge, Chris Rickett, Director of COVID-19 Business Mitigation and Recovery at City of Toronto, and Gary Klassen, Senior Advisor with Canadian Strategy. We appreciate their insights  and the time they spent talking with us. And, as always, we look forward to your feedback. 

You can listen to Episode 5 on our website: ( as well as Spotify, Stitcher, Podbean, Google, and Apple Music platforms.

MDB Insight produces Insight: Canada’s Economic Development Podcast to reflect our longstanding belief in the importance and value of professional development. Our investment in projects like these is motivated by an ongoing commitment to supporting our profession as well as our continuing desire to showcase thought leadership and innovation. The podcast celebrates the best and brightest in Canadian economic development and aims to blend informative content with news, insightful conversations, and a few laughs. Insight: Canada's Economic Development Podcast is presented by MDB Insight and produced by Derek Harrison. 

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