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Implement Cultural Mapping to Enhance Tourism in Your Community

Cultural development can be a big draw to your community for tourists, maybe even in ways that would surprise you. What might be an unusual tradition to a local could be a fun, cultural experience to a visitor.

Cultural mapping allows you to identify and gather your community’s cultural assets, so you can create a better tourism strategy and also better attract your future labour force based on their criteria for community selection. Cultural mapping could also be a vital step in making your community more competitive for tourism dollars and for building your tax base.

Use Cultural Mapping to Identify Your Community’s Cultural Assets

The first step in cultural mapping is identifying the cultural pursuits and assets in your community that set it apart from nearby communities. Do you offer music festivals, sports events, family-friendly events, tractor pulls? Do you have the perfect soil composition for wineries, like Prince Edward County? Whatever it is, there’s probably a wider audience for it, and the only thing stopping that audience from visiting is not knowing about your event.

If there aren’t outstanding and unique local events, you can develop a local trend into something more. If there are lots of pumpkin growers in your area, you could host a pumpkin festival. If there’s an old cinema and/or an arts college in your area, you could develop a film festival. Outside-the-box ideas are great too, and can work with any community as long as you have a little imagination, like the creators of the Meaford Scarecrow Invasion.


Promote Engagement and Inclusion With Local Culture

Once you identify the cultural assets of your community, you can work on developing those interests by promoting strong community engagement and inclusion. If you help fuel the local creative economy, it presents an image of your community to the public that reinforces how much your community values the arts, culture, and diversity.

This strategy will help attract tourists, thereby helping the very cultural assets you identified earlier to develop and blossom, perhaps even deepening that asset and embedding a creative labour force further into the cultural fabric of your community.

PlaceVantage is an MDB Insight cultural mapping solution. It displays a community’s cultural vibrancy by making its cultural assets more accessible to visitors.

Use PlaceVantage™ to Give Your Community an Edge

Once you have identified your community’s cultural development assets, PlaceVantage creates an interactive portal that:

  • Integrates with your community’s online and social media presence
  • Profiles cultural assets through interactive guides and direction widgets
  • Promotes a sense of community through its internal calendar, to which community partners can also add their events

As well as providing access to the PlaceVantage portal, MDB Insight offers advice based on existing cultural mapping data, can consolidate that data into a viewer-friendly Cultural Resource Framework, and can train users in the PlaceVantage system.

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