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Identify the Best Labour Market Intelligence Platform for Your Region

So you need a new source of labour market intelligence. You know that labour market data from Statistics Canada offers quality backed by government resources. With automation and rapidly developing tech, however, we all need to access workforce data quickly to keep up with change. Sometimes by the time StatsCan data gets to you it may already be obsolete and this makes it difficult to adapt to hiring trends.

Identifying the problem is easy. But the next stage in your LMI tool search isn’t so simple. You’ve still got to decide which LMI tool to use. These tips can help you to narrow down your search.

3 Tips to Find the Right Labour Market Intelligence Platform 

  1. Make sure the platform you choose bases its findings on the best available data sources. For example, the MDB Insight and Vicinity Jobs tool, Regional Labour Supply and Demand ReportsTM, uses StatsCan as a data source because the work StatsCan does is unparalleled. Beyond the census StatsCan puts out every five years, there are 350 active surveys being taken year-round on other workforce trends. If the platform you’re considering doesn’t use StatsCan data as a base, look for an explanation as to why. The Jobs Supply and Demand ReportsTM use StatsCan as a starting point, but can fill in the data blanks for your region quickly and efficiently.

  2. Since you’re looking for faster sources of information to reflect changing tech and automation on the horizon, it’s important to find a platform that reflects this sensibility. New technology is in part driving the need for faster workforce data, so it makes sense that the platform you choose should employ new technologies in its approach. The Regional Labour Supply and Demand ReportsTM uses cutting-edge data collection methods that allow for valuable workforce updates in real-time.

  3. Finally, if possible, try the platform out for yourself. The easiest way to determine if something fits your needs is to take it for a test run. A labour market intelligence platform that allows you to try a demo indicates a provider with confidence in its data. A data collection platform should be prepared to show you the power of its technology without charge.

We’d Be Happy to Show You Our Market Intelligence Tool At No Cost 
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