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How to Use Survey Results to Bring Elected Officials Up To Speed Fast

When municipal elections arrive, so can new challenges for your municipal office - like protecting funding for the projects that are most important for your municipality. Here’s how to use survey results to prepare for those challenges.

Municipal elections have a short lead time, and campaigns don’t have a lot of money for marketing and communications behind them. Voters already find it hard to know what their provincial and federal election candidates stand for; it’s even more difficult in municipal elections when there are no parties to back candidates.

Many candidates run on one-issue platforms. Some have full-time jobs or run their own businesses (and campaigns). But they often don’t truly know how the municipal government machine operates.

All of these factors make it difficult for your office to know what to expect once new councillors get elected - and newly elected officials may be less likely to accept the status quo, particularly if they feel in the dark about their new positions.

A new Councillor's lack of knowledge can be deadly to the projects you know are important to your community. If a new Councillor can’t see the value in your community development projects, they’ll be more likely to scrap them at the next municipal budget meeting. And frankly, if the value of a project is unclear to the newly elected council, how will residents understand it? Instead, there’s a better way.

How to Use Survey Results from Citizen Satisfaction IQTM & Tax Sensitivity CalculatorTM

Instead of enduring the uncertainty of municipal elections and of whatever the new mix of elected officials willnull bring to your municipality, you could have clarity, and build consensus faster, from the outset. When your municipality invests in tools like Citizen Satisfaction IQ or Tax Sensitivity Calculator, you’ll be able to get new Councillors up to speed fast and protect those projects that are most important to your municipality. Here’s why:

  1. You’ll know what residents already want - instead of trying to guess or argue through unknowns

  2. You’ll be able to trust what you learn because you aren't just listening to a few popular opinions

  3. You’ll be able to communicate what is needed next for your municipality by using quality data - summary and action plan included

  4. You’ll know how much residents are willing to spend when you combine the results of tax survey questions and citizen satisfaction survey questions

The results of these surveys provide quality assured, real-time data to new councillors so they know the information is up to date and so they can see the value in your municipal projects.

Download this checklist to find out more about the tools your municipality can use to collect better data and save your municipal projects.

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