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How to Use Inbound Marketing for Economic Development Websites

This is a guest blog post by Tangible Words.

So you’ve worked with MDB Insight to plan your economic development strategy. What’s the next step? You need to take action to ensure your community has a strong online presence.

Everything is online, and you need to ensure, when visitors come looking for what you have to offer, you can provide an online experience that guides visitors to exactly the information they’re looking for from your website and social media. Inbound marketing for economic development allows you to offer this helpful online experience: it’s all about giving your website readers the right content at the right time and to the right person.

The Next Step in Your Online Economic Development Strategy

Inbound marketing is the result of the evolution of the marketing process. In the past, marketing existed only in an intrusive form (think TV ads). That old model for marketing was convenient for the company doing the advertising, but not the consumer.

With the convenience of the internet, consumers have become used to doing their own research, their own price comparisons, and are willing to drop any company the second something doesn’t smell right.

The balance of power has shifted and companies have to try much harder to earn their target audience’s attention. Any company or community vying for the public eye has to prove they are offering something of value to the consumer.

The way to do this is through inbound marketing for economic development.

Your content must provide something of worth to your target audience by helping them solve a problem. This builds trust between you and them, and presents your company or community as an authority on your service. With this authority, you can build a relationship with your target audience, and turn that relationship into a lead. This can eventually lead to a sale or, in the case of economic development, investment in your community.


Utilize Growth-Driven Design

Using HubSpot software and working with a team of inbound marketing consultants can grow your online traffic and ensure that your website functions as you always intended it to: as a place to grow your labour force and your community’s brand equity, sense of place, and online presence.

But, remember, content is still king. You need to have enticing, informative, and compelling content so you can drive traffic to your site. What do you have to say that would help your target audience? Think about all the symptoms they have before they articulate that they have a problem. For example, a CEO of an IT company might be frustrated with their office space — but not necessarily seeking a new office space yet. Blog articles which directly address a visitor’s problem will be of much more interest to them than one that vaguely addresses everyone and no one at once.

Attract Online Traffic through Inbound Marketing for Economic Development

Once you have an inbound marketing strategy in place, you can attract businesses and online traffic and communicate with your viewers to see what their needs are and how you can help. This process will improve citizen satisfaction. Additionally, you can also better track the kinds of investors who are interested in your region and create personas (a detailed profile based on research, and some educated guesswork, on a type of consumer who is interested in your product or service) based on this data to get better results out of your web content.

Think of a particular part of the labour force you’d like to get interested in your community. How do you reach them?

You’ll get better results because your content will be specifically tailored to the personas you created, rather than trying to reach everyone. You’re focusing on the people you already expect to have an interest in your product or service, rather than the people who certainly won’t. Then, you can focus on developing a relationship with the interested party so you can start helping them solve their problems.

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About Tangible Words

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