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How to Drive Investment Through Talent Development Strategies

The business and investment success of your community can depend on the qualities found in your labour force. Investors want to know that your area has the job skills to make your community a viable investment opportunity. But there’s a problem: how do you prove to investors that your local employee pool has the talent needed to do the work?

If you want to showcase talent, you can point to middle and high school pipelines that build post-secondary programs, and then develop post-secondary data: what are the graduation and entrance rates? Do they align with the right economic sectors? What is the current transition between different careers?

Such accurate labour force data proves to investors that you have the talent they’ll need; however, to make a convincing case, you might need more specific and recent data than what is provided by Statistics Canada.

MDB Insight’s Regional Labour Supply Reportoffers community-specific data on the career, industrial, and educational backgrounds of the eligible workers in your community. And unlike StasCanada, which is a data source but not typically a source of analytics, MDB Insight uses best-practice analytical techniques to ensure that the data is user-friendly and immediately useful.

Can Labour Supply Reports Really Help With Talent Development Strategies?

Before you spend money on data, you’ll want to know if that data will really help sway the minds of potential investors or companies looking to roost in your area.


Labour Supply Reports help display your local talent pool by showing the direct correlation from elementary education to post-secondary to career. Showcasing the number of high school programs that lead to related post-secondary disciplines can help assure investors that your community is committed to long-term talent investment in their industry.

You can also showcase how the education system in your community is helping prepare students for career-jumping, if flexibility in future job labour markets is something you’re trying to establish.

Prove Your Labour Force Can Perform

MDB Insight, in partnership with Vicinity Jobs, has created two workforce analytics reports that can help you prove the strength of your labour force to potential investors.

The Regional Labour Demand Report™ mainly focuses on local hiring trends, allowing you to demonstrate:

  • which industries are flourishing in your community, and
  • which workers are in abundance.

The Regional Labour Supply Report™ focuses on the work backgrounds of the employees in your area, allowing you to advertise:

Drive better investment by highlighting your talent development strategies.

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