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How to Collect the Most Accurate Canadian Workforce Data

The fact that Statistics Canada is a trusted Canadian institution and wellspring of accurate workforce development data is undisputed. However, even an efficient tool, such as StatsCan, isn’t made for every task.

Individual municipalities that need to make workforce development decisions urgently, and also base them on granular data that looks deeper than the provincial and regional levels, need workforce data that StatsCan doesn’t supply.

The Canadian Workforce Advantage

Dealing with large data collection agencies can be like yelling into a thunderstorm. Larger companies often have slower delivery times for their data because they are servicing so many customers. And while they may service customers well (much like StatsCan delivers high-quality provincial and national workforce data), there are other alternatives available.

For municipalities with time- or budget-sensitive needs, the Vicinity Jobs Demand and Supply Reports™ by MDB Insight and Vicinity Jobs offer an excellent alternative or supplement to StatsCan data and large agency delivery. Vicinity Jobs is 100% Canadian and focused on Canadian workforce data.

As the product of a boutique agency, the Vicinity Jobs tool can devote all its resources to solving your workforce development problems. Vicinity Jobs focuses its energy on fewer, exclusively Canadian clients, so you get a personal service experience as well as more personal data: data that is relevant to your municipality’s workforce development.

Not only is Vicinity Jobs quicker, it’s also more accurate and relevant to your Canadian workforce. Vicinity Jobs understands your specifically Canadian workforce development problems far better than other companies can.

How Does an Online Jobs Report Deal with All the Noise on the Internet?

Do you worry that online job reports are less accurate because of all the “fake” and reposted jobs?

Sometimes employers like to post “jobs” just to keep a collection of resumés on hand. How can a data nullcollection tool keep all of these fake jobs straight? Because at the end of the day, there’s no point in gathering workforce data if it’s not accurate data.

Vicinity Jobs has a simple solution for avoiding this pitfall: Quality assurance is key. The program combs through the data looking for fake or repeat job postings and verifies the numbers to ensure accuracy.

Thanks to this in-depth approach to jobs reporting, Vicinity Jobs now also offers skills reporting. Municipalities can now see not only what jobs are on offer in their community, but the skills those employers value, what they are searching for, and the kind of skills the workers in the community have.

The benefit of this tool is that if you see a difference between the skills that are in demand and the skills that your community is able to provide, you can develop a strategy to welcome more skilled workers or educate your existing workers through new training initiatives or secondary and post-secondary programs.

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