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How to Build More Trust and Service Satisfaction in Your Community

The satisfaction citizens feel toward their municipal services is more important than ever. There has been an erosion of trust in government and other public institutions across much of North America.

A Pew Research Center study has found that Americans have dwindling trust in their government. But before you think this is limited to an American trend, Proof, a communications and marketing agency that conducts independent research, has done a Canadian public trust study showing Canadians’ estimations of governments, corporations, and institutions is falling. As a policy maker, especially one who is working hard to support and improve your community, this might sound depressing. But there is a silver lining.

The Proof study makes a key point about this erosion of trust in public services:

“As trust declines, organizations and leaders that focus on the building blocks of trust can leapfrog competitors and stand out in a positive way.”

A deficit in public trust, in other words, creates openings for leaders and services to gain respect and trust by modelling themselves as the opposite of what the public distrusts. But to understand what is working to help you build trust and what isn’t, you need data about the trust and satisfaction citizens feel towards community services. In fact, going above and beyond by seeking out better data collection and being transparent about your efforts to recognize citizen satisfaction levels will already prove that you are making an effort to be trustworthy.

Service Satisfaction: Discover How the Public Views Municipal Services

image19Service Satisfaction IQ™ is a platform designed to help gauge public satisfaction with public facing services and service providers. Through this platform you can confirm community priorities, pinpoint which services are frustrating the community, identify what is pleasing to them, and how well they trust your ability to lead.

If the distrust of government is strong in your area, and the results from the Service Satisfaction IQ survey come back poor, where is the best area to start to regain public trust? Our Citizen Satisfaction IQ™ platform can be used as a follow-up to the Service Satisfaction survey. With Citizen Satisfaction IQ™ you can determine which public service your community wants to see improved soonest.

Finally, once you’ve determined which improvements to community services the public deems most important, you can use our Tax Sensitivity Calculator™ to get one of the most definitive results of all: what people are actually willing to pay for. The Calculator shows property owners how different community initiatives will affect the taxes they pay, giving them more insight and showing them how the changes they want will directly affect their bank account.

Once you have all three survey results you will have next-level intelligence about the desires of your community, and can build an institution worthy of their trust.

Try Out a Free Demo of our Service Satisfaction IQ™ Platform

And envision a more trustworthy municipal government.

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