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How Seasonal Businesses Can Expand Their Talent Pool

The nature of seasonal business requires labour to be found and trained quickly, which typically restricts the available workforce. When seasonal labour demand increases, one of the largest difficulties that employers report is this small talent pool.

How to Expand the Seasonal Talent Pool

High school students are an untapped resource for many businesses. A major benefit to hiring high school students is you help them strengthen their skills for the future, including:

  • image17Customer service
  • Communication
  • Learning how to sell
  • Increased responsibility
  • Teamwork skills

As workplaces are disrupted by technology, developing and valuing employees’ skills over their experience will become increasingly important. Learning how to show up on time every day for a job, work well with colleagues, and take care of customers are all part of being a good employee, no matter what the technological landscape.

Offering high school students employment opportunities in seasonal industries sets them up for success. The experience gained during summer break or Christmas holidays provides a leg-up and allows students to kickstart their work life, which translates into more pay in the future.

Training High School Students for Seasonal Work

You might think that training high school students would be more costly or time-consuming than training adults. However, students are used to learning new things. You may just find that there is no difference in training investment between students and adult workers.

By training people early for a career in your seasonal industry, you won’t have to train them again. If they like the work and return next season, they’ll be ready to hit the ground running.

Track Seasonal Workforce Demand in Your Community

It can be difficult to collect labour data that fits your specific locality and industry’s needs. Regional boundaries do not always line up with the data collected by reliable sources, like Statistics Canada. Obtaining data on your local talent pool can also be very difficult to do in real time.

The Regional Labour Supply and Demand Report can gather all the latest data on your local workforce. Because the data is collected in real time, it can be used to quickly respond to the labour demand cycles of seasonal industries. Learn more about how to put this tool to work for your community by booking a no-obligation demo today.

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