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How Residents’ Tax Sensitivity Helps You Find Money in Your Budget

When we think of measuring residents’ tax sensitivity we often think in terms of the negative; it’s an easy trap to fall into. For example, tax sensitivity often seeks to find out what residents are unwilling to pay for — an important litmus test for your residents’ limits. But don’t forget that there is another use for the tax survey tool:

Tax sensitivity is also a tool to help you find money for your community.

Use a Tax Sensitivity Survey to Find Out What Residents Are Willing to Pay for

A tax sensitivity survey is often seen as a way of measuring how hot those hot button issues truly are to your residents. They’re an accurate way to take the often fluctuating pulse of your community. But what if you need to:

  • Improve your municipal website and communications
  • Improve infrastructure
  • Build new playgrounds

Tax sensitivity surveys can help you find the money for those projects. Tax surveys are tools you can use to prove the importance and necessity of particular projects. So not only will you engage residents in the budgeting process (and help them to feel heard by your council), but when you need to find room in your municipal budget for an important, new project to improve your community, a tax survey can help you do that.


To get better, more accurate data on what your residents want and how to fund your budget, you need the right type of tax survey — the kind that measures residents’ perceptions about the importance of issues and services. This kind of survey yields more accurate and quantifiable data than those that ask residents to state importance. Public polling tools that measure importance help you to:

  • Determine the importance of projects as perceived by the community
  • Establish those projects as community priorities
  • Make the decisions to implement those projects based on measured feedback from your community

For a better understanding of how MDB Insight uses public polling to help you prioritize funding in your municipal budget, download the “Community Development Cost Calculator” e-book. 

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