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How Long Should the Municipal Opinion Poll Process Take?

For a municipal officer, time is always an important factor when deciding which developments to pursue, both because it’s effective to solve problems as soon as possible, but also because timeliness is necessary for maintaining citizen satisfaction. Residents don’t want to wait too long for essential developments: they seek progress. Of course, you can’t please everyone all of the time, so you turn to public opinion polling to find how you can please most of the people most of the time. The problem is that opinion polls take time to approve, conduct, and analyze. So how do we give our residents the best service possible as soon as possible?

A helpful solution is to turn to an outside source for your opinion polling. A polling provider can ease the burden of developing your own surveying system, while lending its expertise to create the best possible polling for your community. If you decide to take your polling to an outside provider, it’s best to look for a polling system that is:
  • quick for residents to answer, to ensure more people respond,
  • accurate and relevant to the local population, to ensure its usefulness, and
  • customizable to the specific needs of the community.

Too much surveying can actually decrease citizen satisfaction. Public opinion polling doesn’t have to take the average four months or more. In fact, with the right polling solutions, that time can be drastically reduced.

The Most Timely Option for Public Opinion Polls and Tax Sensitivity Polling

If you’re looking for opinion polling that is quick to set up,straightforward to respond to, and which is more nullrepresentative and accurate than other polling methods, MDB Insight offers both Citizen Satisfaction and Tax Sensitivity surveying options. These options are adaptable to the financial needs of a community, making them affordable and valuable.

Citizen Satisfaction IQ™ is a public opinion polling solution that makes clear exactly how the citizens in your area feel about the programs and services in your community. Using a streamlined derived importance approach, Citizen Satisfaction IQ™ creates a searchable inventory of citizen priorities that is easy to reference and base decisions on.

The Tax Sensitivity Calculator™ essentially shows users the intersection between citizen priorities and what citizens are willing to pay for with their tax dollars. The intersection of the two is where you will likely find the sweet spot for citizen satisfaction. The Tax Sensitivity Calculator™ works much more quickly than traditional polling methods and delivers accurate results specific to your community.

Curious about MDB Insight’s solutions for improving citizen satisfaction and understanding your community’s tax sensitivity?

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