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How LMIC Gets the Most Out of a Labour Market Intelligence Tool

Vicinity Jobs and MDB Insight are pleased to be working with the Labour Market Information Council (LMIC) through their recent subscription to the Vicinity Jobs Labour Demand Reporting PlatformTM. Here’s how the LMIC is using Vicinity Jobs’ reporting to get current local labour market data to inform on labour demand across Canada. But first, let’s talk about the LMIC and the work they’re doing.

LMIC - A Mandate to Improve Labour Data

In 2016, the Forum of Labour Market Ministers endorsed the establishment of the LMIC. The LMIC’s mandate is “to improve the timeliness, reliability and accessibility of labour market information to facilitate decision-making by employers, workers, job seekers, academics, policy makers, educators, career practitioners, students, parents and underrepresented populations”.

The LMIC seeks to improve the general state of LMI in Canada for the benefit of all because better labour market information helps employers find employees and helps employees find jobs they want and need.

The LMIC helps Canada be more competitive economically. The LMIC strives to make sure the right labour data is available to all Canadians, and presented in a way that is relevant, coherent, and accurate.

Better, Faster, Stronger Data: The LMIC and Vicinity Jobs-MDB Insight Partnership

nullThe Vicinity Jobs Reporting SystemTM offered by MDB Insight gathers market intelligence in real time by monitoring job postings and then cleans the data to ensure high quality output. Vicinity Jobs offers two reporting platforms:
  1. Labour Supply Report Platform
  2. Labour Demand Report Platform

Available through monthly or quarterly reports, Vicinity Jobs’ allows quick and accurate access to the labour market landscape for urban and rural communities, even small Canadian regions.

The local and timely labour market information this platform offers is necessary to effectively report on job vacancies and talent supply in Canada. This has been a missing piece of the labour market puzzle for many years, and a priority now for the LMIC. Its availability now allows Canadian workforce development managers to be more accurate in their decisions, and respond to workforce needs in a timely manner.

Want to Learn More About Vicinity Jobs and How It’s Improving Canadian Labour Data?

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