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How Does Your Community Feel About Sustainable Development?

In Ottawa, and cities of similar size, condominiums are slowly filling the cityscape. When this happens, more affordable housing can become harder to find for those that need it most.

Most communities plan neighbourhoods by determining the number of citizens expected to look for homes in a certain area, then city planners work with the local community to figure out how the new residents can move to the area in a way that works with both the community and the city as a whole. This is a sustainable way of designing new housing.

To ensure community growth, neighbourhoods need affordable housing as well as desirable condos.

So how do you ensure sustainable development in your community?

  • You can introduce an inclusionary zoning bylaw to ensure that, for every new residential building that’s approved, a mandatory minimum of affordable housing is built along with it.

  • Redirect part of the tax growth that comes directly from intensification to building affordable housing units; this worked in France where, for the last 40 years, 25% of all new housing is affordable housing. In Holland, city planners have managed to ensure 30% of the population resides in affordable housing.

Balancing growth with sustainability is possible.

To successfully design a sustainable and inclusive community, you also need data to back up or inform assumptions. The right data shows exactly how much affordable housing your community will need in the first place. That’s where MDB Insight can help.


Using Data to Guide Sustainable Development

You already have a method for sustainable development, but have you considered supplementing the data you use to build your sustainable development strategy? Citizen Satisfaction IQ™ equips local leaders with unparalleled insight into public opinion: the emotions and feelings of citizens as they react to municipal developments. This access into the mood of the populace allows you to develop strategies for affordable housing, while being sensitive to the ever-changing demands of the city.

Another tool you can use to pinpoint the feelings of citizens is the Tax Sensitivity Calculator™. Citizen Satisfaction IQ gives you unfiltered access to the feelings of citizens, and the Tax Sensitivity Calculator bolsters that information by showing what citizens are willing to put their tax dollars toward. This shows you if citizens are willing to support your sustainable development projects, or if you need to re-engage with the populace to convince them these developments are worthwhile. All told, these products can save a lot of head scratching, allowing you to protect the interests of all your residents.

Use Opinion Polling to Drive Sustainable Development

Download this free checklist to learn more about how MDB Insight’s tools can help you optimize your public opinion data collection. 

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