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How an Economic Development Tool Can Help You Create Sustainable Tourism in Your Community

Does your community have the infrastructure to maintain a long-term tourism industry? Tourism can be an economic boon to a community, but if that tourism industry works at the expense of your local population, it’s not sustainable. For recent examples of the effects of unsustainable tourism, just look to the overtourism protests in Europe in 2017. Protesters, residents of high-tourism cities, were frustrated with the massive crowds of tourists constantly invading their space.

Even if your community might not attract the crowds that Venice does, there are still ways overtourism can negatively affect even small communities. Take for example, the 2013 Amnesia Rockfest in Montebello, Quebec, which was plagued with organizational difficulties, and made a mess of the festival area.

So, how can you tell that tourism is becoming a problem in your community before complaints start pouring in?

Place Vantage™ can help.

PlaceVantageTM Can Help Sustainable Tourism Initiatives Succeed

MDBI August 4-2

PlaceVantageTM is a tool that helps you organize your community’s tourism and cultural assets. With PlaceVantageTM, you can easily identify the busiest times during your tourism season, and better spread local events and resource requirements. In this way, locals won’t be swamped by tourists all at once. By effectively identifying your cultural assets and gathering data in one place, you can develop a strategy based on up-to-date information that will ensure unsustainable tourism never becomes a problem for your community.

Sustainable Tourism in Practice —Accurate Public Opinion Polling Guarantees Citizen Satisfaction

Citizen Satisfaction IQ™ is an MDB Insight solution for understanding the priorities of your community. Citizen Satisfaction IQTM gives you the tool you need to predict if tourism will become problematic for the local population, or if it will be a sustainable business boon for generations to come.

Through its derived importance analytical approach, Citizen Satisfaction IQTM creates an index of community priorities, so you see what residents value most about local tourism, and what concerns them. This will allow you to engage in a more fruitful dialogue about overtourism in your area.

Learn more about how you can help your community’s tourism, businesses, and workforce development. Download this free e-book to discover more!

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