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Here Are the Top Trends in Market Research from 2019

Municipal councils are often faced with difficult decisions but have very little data to inform the decision-making process. If they lack the resources to collect relevant data, the decision process is more difficult than it needs to be. Collecting market research data is essential, and understanding it can be yet another challenge. Market research trends in 2019 highlighted how municipalities can better use and understand market data.

The Trends in Market Research 2019 - A Wrap-Up

Harnessing the power of affordable, representative, and current public opinion polling can deliver greater citizen satisfaction and a more efficient budgeting processes. Here are three of our top performing posts about trends in market research from 2019.

What Kind of Value Do Skateparks Bring to Your Community? 

The idea of adding a skatepark to your community can be a controversial topic; shifting public perceptions can be challenging. A stigma still exists about skateparks - that they promote crime and delinquent activity - but the positive benefits are often overlooked. So how do you tackle the potentially controversial topics, like skateparks, and understand what is the right fit for your community? 

  • Conduct public opinion surveying to help understand what the current public perception is and what solutions and next steps might emerge to you once you have solid data in hand. 
  • Use survey methodology that reaches all demographics of your community to help you collect accurate and relevant data to present measured results to the topics in question.
  • Show Council and residents that you better understand their priorities.

Harnessing Public Opinion to Improve Municipal Services 

Municipal councils are elected to represent the people and make development decisions based on the needs and desires of the community. But, often, identifying needs and desires is guesswork due to a lack of resources and current data. Public opinion polling can change how your Council operates, and how satisfied your citizens are. This article discusses:

  • How important relevant, real-time data is to determine your community’s satisfaction level.
  • How essential representative sampling is, because it delivers a more complete story of community priorities.
  • Solutions for affordable, current, representative public polling.

Does Your Community Want to Opt Out of Recreational Cannabis Outlets?

image5When cannabis use became legal in Canada, in October 2018, Ontario municipalities were given a one-time chance to opt out of allowing cannabis retailers to operate within their boundaries. With all the debate around cannabis legalization, this was an important decision for Councils to weigh. Those equipped with solid data to inform their decisions were in a stronger position, able to create policy that accurately reflected community values. 

High-quality data lets you take the guesswork out of deciding budget priorities, making Council decisions, and developing strategic plans. Clear data means more efficient Council operations, more satisfied citizens, and stronger economic growth. 

Streamline Council Budgeting Processes with Strong Data.

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