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Here Are the Tools for Economic Recovery for Your Community

Here Are the Tools for Economic Recovery for Your Community

Imagine a suite of tools specifically designed to help your community build a robust strategy for recovery. A series of supports that would take you from identifying and reacting to immediate crisis situations, managing current challenges, and building towards strong future economic recovery.

Recently MDB Insight  adapted all the tools in our Suite of Services, making them more relevant to communities recovering from the impacts of COVID-19. The Suite of Services can help your community recover steadily by quickly identifying the needs of your residents, helping you develop immediate response plans, and then providing more detailed data to help you flesh out your plan. 

Using this suite of integrated tools you can gain immediate insight and develop a comprehensive long-term approach and clear strategies for economic recovery in your community. The tools build on each other, helping you gain a clear picture of the current situation and strategies for future development. 

Prioritize Your Business Community to Drive Economic Recovery

EDOs are stretched thin -- you need to know which businesses in your community need critical support right now. An important part of your job is to pinpoint the challenges your business community is facing, and to tackle them strategically. 

Triage BR+E™ helps focus your efforts. A scientific random sample will identify the businesses in your community that have a critical need for support, and prioritize them by highest needs. You will be able to cover as much ground as possible, to keep your local business community thriving.

Even better than just data, our new Triage BR+E™ Index allows you to measure your community’s economic development progress against local, regional, and national metrics. 

Action Plans for Immediate Response

Action Plans for Immediate Response

Responding to COVID-19 is a critical need for communities. We can help you immediately implement proven strategies for coping with the pandemic and supporting your community. Taking deliberate steps to adapt your municipal, economic, and workforce strategies will help carry your community through the pandemic without losing momentum or sight of your larger goals. 

Our municipal experts will quickly help you adapt your community development plans and strategies to address the immediate challenges facing your region, as well as the future goals you have for your community. 

Keep Tabs on Workforce Development with Vicinity Jobs™

Keeping tabs on the job market in your area is important, but it can be challenging to track with so many different platforms for job postings. 

COVID-19 has forced big shifts in job markets, while companies have adapted to new ways of operating. Vicinity Jobs™ collects and analyzes all the data, while also giving you an exclusive insight into job demand and the types of talent and skills that are needed in your local community. With Vicinity Jobs™ data you can make decisions that will best support your workforce development, and help strengthen your talent pipeline. 

Support Local Employers with Workforce Pulse

It can really help your workforce development efforts to know what’s going on in your local job market, and how your community compares to national averages. Workforce Pulse™ can help you identify businesses that are hiring in your community, what support they might need to find talent, and what skills that talent needs to have or acquire. 

The comprehensive metrics from Workforce Plus™ will help you focus your workforce development efforts on initiatives that will have the greatest impact while also tracking your community performance on a national scale.

Measure and Improve Citizen Satisfaction IQ™

Your council and community leaders strive to find the balance between meeting the needs of community members while budgeting smartly to keep citizens happy. It can be a challenge to understand what services community members are happy with, and what services could be improved. 

Citizen Satisfaction IQ™ quickly helps you identify levels of citizen satisfaction for any of your community services, projects, or initiatives. You can celebrate areas where citizens are thrilled with services, and identify opportunities for service improvement as well. 

Knowing what your citizens are satisfied with, and where there is room for improvement, can help focus budgeting and project management to best serve your community and enhance citizen satisfaction.

Let our Suite of Services Help Make Your Economic Recovery Easier

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