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Help Your Council Benefit From MDB Insight’s Targeted Market Research

Conducting marketing research via tax surveys might have been a time - and resource - consuming process in the past. Through innovation, optimization, and the expertise of seasoned market research professionals, MDB Insight has developed tools to make the tax survey process more efficient and municipal budget friendly.

Working with MDB Insight opens the door to better results from your municipality’s research investment. You’ll be able to provide Council with compelling reasons to outsource market research to MDB Insight because a partnership with MDB Insight ensures that you are:
  • getting the most representative data for your community, and
  • saving time and resources for your municipality.

Here are some of those reasons.

Top 4 Reasons to Work With MDB Insight for Market Research:

1. MDB Insight’s Breadth of Experience

MDB Insight is a leading Canadian consultancy made up of experts in workforce development, economic development, municipal services, and market research and analytics. The power of this expertise is in the integrated approach MDB Insight has pioneered in its tools and services. Experts work in an open and cross-disciplinary manner to provide holistic and actionable plans and solutions.

When collecting market research for your municipality, seasoned professionals apply proven project management experience to expedite the process and provide sound recommendations. MDB Insight can transform localized data into meaningful reports to help you better understand the market research and make informed decisions accordingly.

2. Innovative Data Collection Methods

Innovation and constant improvement are hallmarks of every MDB Insight project. Vast experience is applied to tailoring results and solutions to each client or community. When using our services and cutting-edge tools, you know you have access to a carefully optimized solution. 

Real-time data collection is a key part of our market research process, ensuring that you have current statistics to inform important Council decisions. Just a few years ago, this efficiency wasn’t possible. But innovation and our tech-savvy analysts and consultants allow MDB Insight to deliver current, accurate, affordable data to inform your specific needs.

3. Affordable Market Research Tools

No matter the size of community you represent or the funding you’ve received, MDB Insight’s market research tools are affordable.

Instead of putting pressure on your limited staff resources, you can confidently outsource market research to MDB Insight to save money and time. In return you receive tailored, reliable data for your local community. 


 4. Accurate and Actionable Results

MDB Insight provides data-backed, real-time, actionable results and plans. In addition to receiving the exact local data you require to inform Council decisions, you also get a report or plan that breaks down how to use this information effectively. Our integrated team uncovers the story behind the data, applying our expertise to ensure that you get the full picture of the data in hand.

For example, our Tax Sensitivity CalculatorTM gives you a clear picture of what residents in your community say they will actually pay for. The survey updates annual tax estimates in real time, depending on municipal service priorities. The real-time feature of this tool empowers residents to see the changes in their tax dollar allocation in relation to improved services. Knowing that residents are providing an informed response, you can rest assured that the data collected is representative of your constituency and will provide the most accurate information you need to inform Council decisions.

Before Pitching to Council, Try the Tool

During a demo session you can preview the entire process and the outcomes, while asking any questions you might have. 

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