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Get Market Research for Projects Without Using Your Own Staff

Here are 3 reasons hiring economic development consultants to do your municipality’s job market research and public polling is more efficient and effective.

1. Consultants cost less.

Hiring more employees is a huge cost, because of their salary and benefits. There can also be a significant investment in learning curves. But hiring outside consultants avoids these pitfalls. You don’t pay a consultant’s salary or benefits, and the cost of time loss from a learning curve is removed, because it’s the consultant’s job to be informed. Which leads to the next point...

2. Consultants bring expertise and experience to the table.Citizen Satisfaction

External economic development consultants give you access to multiple team members, with all their individual years of experience. You’ll have access to a built-in collaboration. The consultants will already be used to working with each other. You’ll be hiring a cohesive unit.

If you’re relying on municipal volunteers to do your research, they won’t have the dedication and cohesion to get the job done as efficiently (which of course isn’t their fault; they’re volunteers!). Bringing in consultants can bring order to chaos, and here’s how they can also guarantee citizen satisfaction...

3. Consultants have a fresh, outside perspective.

Ever just needed a fresh pair of eyes to look over a document to spot all those mistakes that seem to camouflage themselves in the text? Consultants do essentially the same thing with community development.

You need someone who isn’t embroiled in local politics and daily local life: someone who can see the unique challenges of your economic region for what they are, and for what the facts show them to be. Consultants are able to see things locals are not, in the same way that someone who is not the author can find typos in a document.

A Lower Cost Market Research Option That Gets Better Results

With tools like Citizen Satisfaction IQ™, economic development consultants like MDB Insight provide excellent job market research and public polling at less cost than hiring new employees, and can bring fresh eyes to your municipality’s unique problems. Even better, they can see fresh solutions.

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