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Get Alberta Labour Market Intelligence Specific to Your Economic Region

You’re at the point where you’ve discovered a problem. The workforce data that is coming your way is coming too late to make strategic decisions. It’s like you’re a doctor taking a blood pressure test and getting the results months later. You can’t make active workforce decisions when you feel like you’re a step behind.

You might rely on StatsCan data, or economic reports. StatsCan data is always accurate, dependable, and informative. The only problem is you want to see these same kinds of statistics on a more micro scale.

Take employment gains for example. When employment gains are made in a province as a whole, that might not be the whole story. Your region might not be following the provincial trend. If your decisions are based on an inaccurate assumption, how can you capitalize on job growth before it disappears?

If you work in Red Deer, Calgary, Lethbridge, or Banff, you might find that your region isn't represented among the data points on Alberta labour. And yet your workforce development is just as important as that of the province as a whole. Your workforce development strategies keep Alberta growing. So you need dependable, regular, locally relevant LMI - like Vicinity Jobs reports.

Get Data Specific to Your Economic Region with Vicinity Jobs Reports 


MDB Insight has partnered with Vicinity Jobs to create the Regional Labour Supply and Demand Reports™. These reports are available in monthly and quarterly versions, so you aren’t stuck waiting years to take a pulse. The reports draw their results from job postings in economic regions all across Canada, meaning you’ll be able to specify results from just your region. The dream of accessing timely, local LMI is now a whole lot easier than you might think.

The Vicinity Jobs’ Labour Supply and Demand Reports can give you an edge in a competitive labour market. Of course, you won’t be avoiding StatsCan data completely (no one would avoid such a powerful resource). You’ll just be supplementing that data with something faster and more localized, which will give you an edge over the competition.

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