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Get a Holistic Understanding of Your Residents’ Service Satisfaction

We are passionate about making sure you can put scientific market research practices to use to obtain meaningful insight into all areas of your municipality. For that reason, we are excited to introduce a new market research platform that will determine your residents’ satisfaction with community service interactions.

Public polling is often the primary method used to determine residents’ satisfaction with current municipal services. But how do you ensure that you are using tools that have been scientifically designed to capture a representative sample of your constituency? You need tools that help you gather and report real-time data, so that you can respond to your citizens’ concerns in a timely manner.

Service Satisfaction IQ Measures Service Satisfaction at Municipal Touchpoints

Our new Service Satisfaction IQTM platform was designed to secure greater feedback and deliver accurate results on how your municipal service interactions are received by residents. Service Satisfaction IQTM is a public polling platform that can be installed in libraries, recreation centres, and a range of other municipal locations in your community to measure satisfaction with community interactions. The satisfaction level of each transaction is quantified, and easy-to-understand metrics are provided to you in real time, so that you can act quickly to improve municipal services.

Survey participation is unparalleled when you implement the Service Satisfaction IQTM platform, because of the built-in HappyOrNot technology. Four buttons are presented to residents as options for their level of satisfaction:

  • extremely satisfied,
  • moderately satisfied,
  • moderately dissatisfied, and
  • extremely dissatisfied.

nullThe buttons are represented by smiley faces depicting the levels of satisfaction, making the process of registering feedback quick and easy. In a world where everyone is overscheduled, this simple process respects people’s time and ensures the maximum number of responses.




How to Use Service Satisfaction Data in Your Municipality

The feedback received from our Service Satisfaction IQTM platform is quantified, and then provided to you in a report with real-time data showing you where services are exceeding expectations, and where municipal services can improve. You can then determine how best to improve, from altering hours of operation to updating training for staff or adjusting current procedures.

The additional bonus with Service Satisfaction IQTM is that when you have implemented changes to your municipal touchpoints, you can monitor feedback rapidly. Real-time data allows you to react to decreased satisfaction results by reversing any changes you made, and confirms any improvements with increased satisfaction metrics.

Monitor Your Entire Municipality Through Public Polling

In addition to satisfaction with community interactions, you can use scientifically created platforms to measure residents’ satisfaction with other municipal services. The two platforms below, in parallel with Service Satisfaction IQTM, will provide you with a holistic view of your residents’ priorities and where you can begin with your improvement strategy.

The Citizen Satisfaction IQTM platform was created to measure residents’ satisfaction with municipal services in general (as opposed to zeroing in on municipal service interaction in particular using Service Satisfaction IQTM). Our Tax Sensitivity CalculatorTM was introduced to determine residents’ willingness to support municipal service changes with their tax dollars. Both platforms make use of local real-time data, and were carefully crafted to statistically determine the derived importance of municipal service priorities. Each platform provides a granular understanding of citizens’ priorities, so that you can accurately inform planning efforts and Council budget decisions.

The Citizen Satisfaction IQTM platform and the Tax Sensitivity CalculatorTM use telephone calls and interviews, which do not require an opt-in, for polling. A more representative sample is guaranteed using these methods.

Book a Demo of Service Satisfaction IQTM Before Purchasing

Ensure you choose the best public polling solution for your community by trying out our newest platform for yourself. Book a demo with us to understand how to use Service Satisfaction IQTM and what data it will provide.

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