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Flagstaff Used Tax Sensitivity Calculator™ To Inform Decisions

Flagstaff County, in east central Alberta had a problem: the County needed to change the road surface within the municipality. After research and discussion, the County had two road surface options available to choose from. But each choice would result in changes to the overall taxes assessed to community residents.

Flagstaff Utilized the Power of the Tax Sensitivity CalculatorTM

calculator-820330_1920Rather than guess, Flagstaff decided to use the Tax Sensitivity CalculatorTM platform to quantitatively determine residents’ preferred option for a road surface. The platform used a representative random sample of Flagstaff County residents, presenting them with both road surface options and the impact on their taxes. 

The County received a summary of the Tax Sensitivity CalculatorTM findings, clearly indicating the community’s preferred road surface choice. Council then used the scientifically collected market research to inform their decision in line with residents’ priorities.

Use the Tax Sensitivity CalculatorTM to Inform Your Budget

The perfect opportunity to utilize the Tax Sensitivity CalculatorTM platform is when Council is planning their budget. When allocating funds that will have a direct impact on municipal taxes, it’s always a balancing act between responding to residents’ priorities and understanding what municipal service improvements they are actually willing to pay for. 

The Tax Sensitivity CalculatorTM uses market research and analytics to determine what residents will pay for at the cost of other services. The platform uses data from your municipality, accurately polling a representative sample of your community, and affording you the confidence to make budget adjustments in line with your residents’ priorities.

If there are specific items in your municipal budget that could use more data on what residents’ truly want, as was the case with Flagstaff County, the Tax Sensitivity CalculatorTM is an affordable solution. 

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