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EDA 2020 Is Going to Be a Top-Notch Virtual Conference

EDA 2020 Is Going to Be a Top-Notch Virtual Conference

Economic Developers Alberta (EDA) is once again hosting its annual economic development conference. From November 25th-26th the conference, Xperience#EDA2020, will be delivered via live-streaming video sessions due to the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Doing everything online has opened up the conference to even more participants than usual. The conference is in November, and this year no one will have to worry about distance or the weather affecting their ability to attend the conference.

MDB Insight is once again a conference sponsor, along with many other organizations supporting economic development across Canada. The EDA event is important every year, but now more than ever. EDOs in Alberta face significant challenges in 2020 from the economic downturn caused by COVID-19.

The opportunities for networking, discussion, and online learning from this year’s speakers will be important for communities, rural and urban, across the province to help them gain momentum on economic recovery.

EDA 2020: Different but Possibly Even Better Than Before

EDA 2020: Different but Possibly Even Better Than BeforeWhile online networking is not quite the same as in person, it's something that people are adapting to because of COVID-19. EDA2020 is no exception.

We’re delighted to see many of our clients, past and present, speak at EDA2020. We can’t wait to hear them discuss their successes and experiences, as well as their creative strategies for the future of economic development. Wherever you are in Canada this year, see if you can virtually attend EDA2020.

The official hashtags for the conference are #EDA2020 AND #XperienceEDA2020. Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter to keep up with the conversation about how Alberta is creatively facing, overcoming, and thriving despite today’s global challenges.

Help Your Community Adapt for a Strong COVID-19 Recovery

When you’re ready, let’s work together toward community economic recovery.

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