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Document Your Proven Track Record of Success

As an elected official you’re always on the lookout for ways to improve and strengthen your community. You spend countless hours doing research, talking to your community members, and developing policies and bylaws. But sometimes it's tough to know if the policies you’ve worked so hard on are having the desired impact or if residents are satisfied with or have even noticed the changes you’ve made. 

Instead of waiting for election time to find out if citizens are pleased with your work, you can use MDB Insight’s Citizen Satisfaction IQ™ product to measure how well new policies, bylaws, or services are working, and make adjustments as needed to suit your community's needs. 

Measuring public opinion can be challenging. Talking to your community members is important, but you don’t have resources to survey every single person and then analyse all the data for every single change your Council makes. 

Citizen Satisfaction IQ™ does the groundwork for you, delivering real-time data and results so your Council can make informed decisions to improve your community.

  • Real-time data means you get the information you need when you need it, not months later.
  • All demographic sectors of your community are sampled and given a chance to participate.
  • A derived importance approach to data analysis is essential. It gives you a priority matrix based on citizen opinions that have been collated, sifted, and analysed.
  • A user-friendly printout of analysed data that is easy to understand is delivered to you. Your polling information will be at your fingertips, making it easy to prove the effectiveness of your policies or identify areas that need adjustment.
  • In specially designed surveys trained interviewers ask targeted questions. This means that the survey is faster and collects more relevant data.

Measuring public opinionCost is always an important factor for Councils to consider. You have a limited budget to work with, and your Council and constituents need to know that the money is being spent responsibly. The Citizen Satisfaction IQ™ tool comes in just under $10,000. 

Because the tool is affordable, and the data you get is real-time, it can actually save you quite a bit of money in the long run. With Citizen Satisfaction IQ™ you can easily monitor the pulse of your community and make small adjustments to services as soon as they are needed. You’ll save money by identifying challenges early. The data will help you determine whether or not programs are feasible before you’ve invested years and dollars in supporting them. The information will allow you to wisely invest taxpayer dollars where they are needed most. 

Having the data from Citizen Satisfaction IQ™ will allow you to develop a better budget. With accurate and up-to-date information you’ll be able to focus your budgeting on what will benefit your community the most. Since this tool is so affordable, you don’t need to rearrange a large chunk of your budget to acquire quality data. Your budget will be backed up by current facts and data about community needs. Not only will this help with budgeting, you’ll also be able to make better-informed policy decisions for your community. The current issues will be clearly identified and prioritized so you can prove what matters the most.

Demonstrate Your Proven Track Record of Success

You don’t have to wait for election time to show a proven track record of success or report about continuous improvement. With Citizen Satisfaction IQ™ your Council can prove that they are working hard to build a strong and healthy community for residents. You can show your constituents right away how their community is developing based on their input and needs. You’ll also be able to show them exactly where their tax dollars are going and how they’re being used responsibly. 

Not only will your citizens feel heard, they’ll also feel like their input is truly valuable and that they’ve had a real impact. Nothing strengthens a community more than connecting over shared values and being able to see how working together is helping the community get stronger. 

Start Building Stronger Citizen Satisfaction for a Stronger Community

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