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Five Important Ways to Look at the Arts, Culture and Design as Drivers of Economic Growth

Five Important Ways to Look at the Arts, Culture and Design as Drivers of Economic Growth

When it's time to discuss industries that drive economic growth, arts, culture, and design are sometimes overlooked. But, if you’re looking for ways to diversify your local economy, and build a strong economic development strategy, it’s worth taking a closer look at business opportunities in the arts, culture, and design industries. There are many economic benefits to having strong arts and culture in your community. 

  1. The sector represents a fast-growth, dynamic industry cluster

Understand the breadth of the creative cluster including: visual artists, cultural performances and nonprofit institutions, entertainment, fashion, publishing, and broadcasting. The creative sector is growing by leaps and bounds, with new sub-sectors being created every year.

  1. Robust arts, culture and design helps mature industries become more competitive

cultural development 4Think about the success Apple and Google have achieved by using a design focus to make their products user-friendly, address consumer needs, and drive innovation in areas from product development to advertising practices.

  1. Providing the critical ingredients for innovative places

Communities where creative sectors are encouraged and nourished can become innovation hubs, utilizing co-location and networking among industries and creative workers. Creative workers will propel innovation in the community as well as in their work. 

  1. Serving as a catalyst for community revitalization

C1With a wealth of creative minds, hard workers, and innovative ideas, the arts community can drive a surprising amount of community revitalization projects. Creative sectors often have tons of ideas for reclaiming abandoned buildings and neglected neighborhoods.

  1. Attracting and delivering a better prepared workforce

Art and design enhance the development of workforce skills; a dynamic cultural sector helps attract creative workers and entrepreneurs. It also provides opportunities for building community connections between creative and non-creative industries with engaging entertainment options for all members of the community.

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