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Cultural Development at MDB Insight – Innovative Approaches from an Expert Team

Since 2010 our Cultural Development Division has been helping communities leverage their cultural resources through an integrated service approach built on three pillars: cultural planning, cultural resource mapping, and creative industries and cultural economy strategies.

MDB Insight’s approach to cultural development focuses on the sector as an important economic driver, recognizing creative and cultural industries and culture as an enabler of development and an empowering force. We see cultural development as an avenue for citizens to take control of their own local development and fully participate through a people-centered and place-based approach.

Leading this innovative work is Jason Dias, Senior Consultant in our Cultural Development Division. Jason isJason 2018 one of Canada’s leading thinkers and practitioners in cultural planning and has worked in the Division for more than 7 years. Jason’s focus for the past ten years has been as a cultural planner and economic development specialist working with municipalities of all sizes and circumstances across Canada and the United States. He has led more than 30 cultural development projects undertaken by MDB Insight and assisted in more than 40 cultural plans across North America.

Jason’s experience as a planner and economic development specialist blend the specialized knowledge needed to foster a planning process that applies integrated and place-based approaches to local cultural development. He leads an experienced MDB Insight team that champions the prominent role of culture at the centre of planning and economic development decision-making agendas.

Jason studied Urban and Regional Planning at Ryerson University and was Dr. Greg Baeker’s (Canadian Cultural Planning Pioneer and Author of Rediscovering the Wealth of Places: A Municipal Cultural Planning Handbook for Canadian Communities and the Ontario Municipal Cultural Planning Toolkit) understudy for 5 years. Jason and Greg have coauthored a series of best practice case studies in cultural development across North America.

 [To connect with Jason Dias, you can reach out by phone or email: 1-855-367-3535 ext. 229 or]

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