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Creating a Skilled Workforce in Tioga County

Tioga County, NY wanted to proactively prepare for workforce gaps in their region, before those gaps caused too many problems. 

They opted to pursue a strategic action plan that reflected the unique needs of the Tioga County workforce. The ultimate aim of the county was to better match workforce talent with the businesses that needed that talent. As industries and businesses transform in the fast-moving economy of the 21st century, Tioga wanted to be ahead of workforce gaps, not struggling to manage them after the fact.

MDB Insight examined both the needs of employers to remain competitive in a changing economy alongside the needs of workforce development partners and educational stakeholders. The goal was to ensure that the future workforce of the region would have the skills supply needed to work in these industries: hospitality, healthcare, manufacturing, food processing, forest and wood products, professional services, as well as warehousing/distribution.

Developing a Workforce Plan That Fits the Unique Needs of Tioga County

image21A good approach to a strategic plan is to make sure the resulting plan helps three core functions work together for better workforce cohesion. Those three functions are economic development, workforce development, and education and training. The MDB Insight team made it clear that they wanted to develop a plan that would go beyond identifying the “what” of Tioga’s workforce challenges.

The team wanted to make sure they didn’t just hand in a report and then have nothing happen. They wanted their plan to be a strategic “how to” report that would precisely detail what the county would need to do to prepare for and meet the challenges that their region would face in the coming years. The plan would include:

  • “All data collected to date as it relates to current and future workforce talent pipelines.
  • Weaknesses or gaps that currently exist within the county.
  • Assets that reside within Tioga County and area that contribute to a quality workforce.
  • Local target sectors that have a unique competitive advantage.
  • Personalized strategies to address talent supply needs and talent attraction initiatives.”

That is the philosophy underlying good economic development intelligence. MDB Insight provides accurate, timely workforce data for smaller regions; our team of economic development veterans consider the “why” and supply the “how” rather than just the “what”.

When searching for consultants to help solve future workforce woes, remember that it’s not enough for them to simply provide the data without insights. A good solution to a region’s workforce issues should be as unique as the community it is built for. Even though global and national trends need to be heeded, the ways they affect each community will be different.

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