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Celebrate Small Business Week 2020 In Your Community

Small Business Week 2020 is coming up on October 19-23. The Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) has been hosting Small Business Week to highlight and celebrate Canadian small businesses since 1979. 

Every year there is an overarching theme for the week. The BDC showcases the stories of small businesses and entrepreneurs across Canada who have successfully aligned with the theme. For 2020, the theme is Forging the way forward. BDC wants communities and small businesses to, “join us as we recognize entrepreneurial resilience and forge a new way forward in uncertain times.”

Canada is a country built on small businesses. Small and medium-sized businesses make up 99% of Canadian businesses and are the strong foundation of the Canadian economy. 

Small business owners employ more than 10 million Canadians every year while building value and driving regional economic development. Together these small businesses make huge contributions to local economies. It's important to recognize and celebrate the contributions these small businesses make across the country. 

Why Should My Community Celebrate Small Business Week 2020?

Small Business Week is an opportunity for business owners and entrepreneurs to network, participate in professional development workshops, hear industry leaders speak, and learn about business best practices. It also offers resources to help them build and grow their businesses and connect with potential leads. 

Things are going to look a little different this year because of COVID-19. Events will be online, and there will be more webinars and digital resources to access instead of in-person events. 

Get Social: Network On Social Media

There will also be plenty of social media engagement to take the place of face-to-face networking opportunities. If you are participating in Small Business Week 2020 on social media, be sure to use the relevant hashtags when you post about events. #BDCsbw is the official hashtag, but you can also use #SBW2020, which is the global common hashtag, and one or two tags that are relevant to your region and industries. 

How Are You Celebrating Small Business Week Locally?

How Are You Celebrating Small Business Week Locally?

Since everything is online this year it will be a little easier for communities across the country to participate. Here are a few ideas for celebrating Small Business Week.  

Invite local experts to host a seminar, or run a discussion panel on a topic relevant to your local industries. You can promote your local events by adding them to the BDC’s event calendar. Promoting your community and your local businesses on the BDC event calendar can help market your community on a national scale. 

Running Small Business Week events online in your community can help your local business owners connect with and learn about each other. It can also help them find new business leads and potential collaborations. Building a closely connected and welcoming group of business owners will also help build a stronger, more attractive community overall. When business owners band together it drives economic growth

You could use Small Business Week as an opportunity to help connect current business owners with hopeful entrepreneurs. Whether you facilitate that through a panel discussion or Q&A session targeted to aspiring entrepreneurs or set up 1-1 mentoring sessions, your current business owners could really motivate and inspire those who are interested in starting a business. 

Small Business Week is a great opportunity to engage not just business owners, but the wider community. Show off the incredible small businesses in your community, and help them find new clients, and help inspire future entrepreneurs.

Canadians Have The Entrepreneurial Spirit

Small businesses are the backbone of the Canadian economy. In a nation of innovative and creative people, across such varied communities and environments, we are a strong nation of hard workers with big dreams. If you’d like to find out how you can support your small business community even more, you may want to check out the Triage BR+E™ tool, tailored to a COVID-19 world. Gain insights into how you can support existing businesses, make your community welcoming to future businesses, and build a strong network for business owners that will drive your local economic growth. 

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