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Can You Collect Superior Data from Free Job Sites?

Does it matter where employers post their ads for job vacancies? It actually matters a great deal. By posting on reliable free job sites, such as Job Bank, data sweepers from Vicinity Jobs, and from other companies like it, will have access to valuable workforce information that will help Workforce Development Managers and EDOs offer strategic assistance to employers and businesses in their communities.

Other free job sites, such as Kijiji, are popular among seasonal employers, such as farmers, who may not want to use a paid service for posting seasonal vacancies. But not all free job sites are created equal. And, more importantly, job sites like Kijiji are not known to be reliable forums for job postings in part due to fraudulent site activity, including fake postings. And this unreliability matters.

Free Job Sites: Stand Up and Be Counted

In addition to not reaching large sections of the seasonal workforce that may be looking for work, unreliable free job sites such as Kijiji are excluded in regional and national labour market intelligence (LMI) reports, including those prepared by Statistics Canada and Vicinity Jobs.

This exclusion means that the seasonal employment needs of those who post on these sites are not taken into account when national and regional workforce data is collected and analysed.

Seasonal employers do not need to struggle to recruit employees by themselves. By posting on a more robust and reputable free job site they will reach more potential workers and will also be counted in LMI data sweeps.


And consider what MDB Insight and Vicinity Jobs’ Regional Labour Reporting SystemsTM can do for such employers to take away even more stress from the seasonal recruitment processes.

These labour reports identify in real time:

  • What employers are looking for
  • What labour is available
  • How employment trends change over time
  • How employment trends are likely to change in the future

If Workforce Development Managers and EDOs encourage seasonal employers, such as farmers, to stand up and let their workforce needs be counted, meaningful regional workforce data about seasonal employment needs would be more accurate and useful for recruiting the kind of seasonal workers employers are looking for.

Seasonal employers should therefore be encouraged to post on other free job sites, such as Job Bank, the national jobs database managed by Employment and Social Development Canada, instead of on Kijiji. The information in Job Bank is reliable and is included in the major LMI data sweeps and analyses, such as those done by StatsCan and Vicinity Jobs.

And seasonal employers who have access to regional LMI reports through Workforce Development Managers and EDOs will have even more data on which to base their seasonal recruitment strategies.

Seasonal workforce planning does not have to be arduous. Take the stress away with reliable data and a simple tip for seasonal employers for better recruitment services: post in the Job Bank and not on Kijiji.

To learn more about how MDB Insight and Vicinity Jobs can provide solutions to your LMI needs, download this flowchart.

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