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BR+E For Strong Economic Recovery During COVID-19

The last few months have been challenging on many levels. Communities are having to rapidly pivot to deal with the daily changes that the COVID-19 pandemic has presented. The MDB Insight team has been working hard too, anticipating and developing the supportive tools communities need for economic recovery efforts.

A Suite of Solutions for Your Community

Just like every family needs something different right now, we recognize that every community has different needs and priorities. Our Suite of Solutions offers you the option to choose what you need, when you need it. 

  1. BR+E Strategy: With COVID-19 forcing the temporary closure of so many businesses, there are many who need immediate support and a strong strategy moving forward. BR+E programs ensure that no one in your community is falling through the cracks. 

  2. Workforce Adjustments: Every sector is struggling right now to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. Effectively tracking and reporting workforce trends as they happen and moving forward will help your community identify gaps and shift to address current challenges. 

  3. Community Connection: It’s not only businesses that are dealing with uncertainty - community residents are also experiencing the rollercoaster of changes and challenges. Now is a great time to connect virtually with citizens to provide reassurance, listen actively, and build that trust and connectivity that will be paramount moving forward.

MDB Insight’s Unique Triage BR+ETM

light-bulb-1246043_1920MDB Insight is pleased to offer our newly enhanced Triage BR+ETM, a proven platform identifying opportunities for supporting and strengthening local business communities. The platform now includes questions specifically related to business issues in the context of COVID-19 and returns vital intelligence by: 

  • Using insightful tracking: Within a day of interviews, this platform will direct you to the business owners who will most benefit from your support.
  • Opening new doors: Triage BR+ETM widens your network to include first-time engagement with business owners not previously on your radar.
  • Providing speed and affordability: Invest in a tool that is not subscription-based and provides actionable market intelligence in just days. 
  • Providing focused and scientific data: A scientific random sample gives you the confidence to inform decisions, influence funding, and target a clear list of priorities to support the businesses in your community.
  • Producing tangible results: Communities using the platform have maximized their time and money to gain vital market intelligence.

When you’re ready, the MDB Insight team will be here to support your community-building efforts with effective and affordable solutions to the challenges you are facing.

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