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An Innovative Workforce Strategy for Attraction and Retention

An Innovative Workforce Strategy for Attraction and Retention

The town of Clinton, Ontario, was facing an extreme workforce shortage. To improve business attraction and retention, the town decided to implement an innovative workforce strategy.

Town of Clinton Attracts Businesses with Free Space

The workforce shortage in Clinton was preventing businesses from expanding, while others were having difficulty competing with big box stores and online retailers. On top of that, many of the long-standing family businesses were closing due to retirement, and two major fires hurt the prosperity of the downtown area.

The town developed a workforce strategy that included giving away five community spaces for free to new businesses. The total rent required was $60,000 and the members of the community donated the full amount to support the business attraction initiative.

Mayor Jim Ginn said he hopes that by attracting new businesses to the town with free space, people will be encouraged to stop in, visit the shops, and perhaps stay.

Additional Workforce Strategies for Resident Attraction

Additional Workforce Strategies for Resident AttractionWhile Clinton, Ontario, took at innovative approach to attracting new businesses, you might be surprised to learn about some of the strategies used internationally to attract residents. For instance, in Italy rural cities are offering homes for as little as $1 to attract residents to communities where the population has dramatically declined. Other strategies include offering financial incentives in the order of $10,000 for moving to a small town, as well as a baby bonus of $1000 for each child born in the municipality.

We have provided consulting services and actionable plans to many communities to help set them up for future success. MDB Insight has developed:

  • Resident attraction strategies
  • Investment attraction strategies
  • Business retention and expansion programs
  • Youth engagement strategies
  • Workforce development strategies
  • Labour force profiles and strategies
  • Labour market analyses
  • Settlement studies

All of these can be applied to promote the benefits of work and life in your community. If you wish to take it one step further, you could always tailor strategies to your specific needs, a targeted sector, or to undertake data collection to strengthen an existing workforce strategy.

Leverage Real-Time Data in Your Workforce Strategy

Collecting data on the skills that your community is demanding will help in constructing or strengthening your workforce development plan. The Regional Labour Demand and Supply Reports are a method of real-time data collection, tailored to the boundaries of your community. They help you determine the skills in demand, the number of job openings, and where nearby job seekers might be located that you could attract to your community.

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